【Golden Melt in Your Mouth】Signature Pineapple Tarts Gift Box


Golden Melt in Your Mouth — Signature Pineapple Tarts(Gift Box Set)

A signature New Year’s product that sold out every year💛! Fatmama’s secret recipe pastry crust, even been asked if we could only sell just the crust without the filling, hehe!

Savory crust with a sweet and sour filling, using pure egg yolk sweeps makes the flavour go up a level. Not just emphasising on the thin skin and lots of fillings, the golden ratio of the crust and filling only is the Fatmama specialities. Every tarts is handmade, with golden appearance. A must-have for New Year’s gift-giving and at home!

Each box includes:
Pineapple Tarts 25pcs x1
Exquisite Gift Bag x1


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