RAYA Convenience Pack – Butter Cookies(POSTAGE NOT AVAILABLE)


Taste a piece of FATMAMA cookies, feel the thick milky aroma and full taste,
Let your taste buds wander in the ocean of happiness again and again.
Each bite alternates between soft and crisp,
The sweetness and saltiness of each slice intertwine.

Whether it is paired with a cup of coffee, tea or milk, you can experience that cozy feeling,
It is your best choice to share good time with your friends, family, colleagues.
Whether it is a holiday party, birthday celebration, wedding, or any occasion,
Our cookies are the perfect snack for you.
Whether at the office or at home, every cookies is a taste of happiness.

We use top-quality ingredients and traditional hand-crafted techniques ,
make sure that every cookie maintains the best taste and aroma.

  • ⚠️ Paper packaging only available for self pick up / retails/ cafe/ bazaar. Postage not available.
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