Nutty Mix


Nutty ALL Mix!
Combination of all 3 flavour cookies!
Nutty Original + Caramel Almond
Our original flavour cookies have been bestsellers since we started selling butter cookies, and they have always held the top spot! 😎
We know that Fatmama’s fans love the original flavor a lot. So, it is a given that we will include it in the Nutty Series!
With the addition of caramel almonds, the whole taste experience is upgraded! You can enjoy the pure buttery aroma, complemented perfectly by the almond fragrance — it’s truly the cherry on top. 🌸
Nutty Hazelnut + Macadamia Nut
Using hazelnuts, we grind them and add them to the cookie dough, then enhance the flavor with Nutella hazelnut spread. Fatmama’s approach to ingredients has always been generous, so with just one bite, you’ll truly taste the authenticity of the ingredients!
Nutty Mocha + Hazelnut
Calling all coffee and chocolate enthusiasts! This cookie is the perfect balance — not as bitter as coffee, nor as overly sweet as chocolate. Paired with hazelnut chocolate, I can’t get enough of it! 🥹
⚠ However, please note that shipping might cause the chocolate to melt, but storing it in a cold room for a while will solidify it again. If you’re a perfectionist, please order with caution. 🙏

If you’re a fan of NUTS, then you’re going to love this new series!

The new Nutty Series will be mixed with three flavours, or you can choose a single flavour!

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