Bundle 6A – (Fatmama Signature Mooncake – 6Box)


Under The Full Moon, Between Desserts,
Fatmama Signature Mooncake – Mooncake Gift Box
With Full Blessings, It Is A Lucky In Life.
Fatmama Signature Mooncake Has Entered Its 9th Year, Adhering To The Concept Of “One Bite”, And Is Deeply Loved By Diners.
The Taste And Crispy Was A Secret Recipe Crust In A Unique Feature Of Fatmama Signature Mooncake . Paired With Low-Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste / Jade Filling, The Taste Is Really Not At All Inconsistent!
There Are Salted Egg Yolks And Melon Seeds Hidden In Fatmama Signature Mooncake , Every Bite Is A Surprise!
It Saves The Trivial Steps Of Cutting Moon Cakes And The Worry Of Collecting Them, And The Crispy Cakes Are Deeply Loved By Modern People!

Fatmama Signature Mooncake Was A Combination Of Tradition And Fashion !
Traditional Taste + Stylish And Special Appearance And Packaging.
Choose It For The Mid-Autumn Festival, Special And Elegant ~!

Mixed Flavors (Yolk / No Yolk)
White Lotus Paste (Yolk / No Yolk)
Jade(Yolk / No Yolk)

Earn up to 405 points.
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