【Dragon New Year】Dragon Year CNY Gift Box(POSTAGE NOT AVAILABLE)


Dragon New Year — Brand New CNY Gift Box (POSTAGE NOT AVAILABLE)

This is the first time Fatmama has launched the — Dragon Year CNY Brand New Gift Box.
This is a gift box with a SUPER DUPER GREAT texture😍, it is very suitable for corporate gift giving or gift giving for “VIP”.

As usual, we are using the simple and advanced design, plus a stamped dragon design, given a liveliness and elegance feeling, the gift box is of hard texture. This is definitely an exclusive gift box from Fatmama, you can’t find it out there in any other places!

Inside the gift box you’ll find our Signature Pineapple Tarts and Sea Salt Peanut Balls, and the Butter Sandwich Cookies, which are only available in the Dragon Year CNY Gift Box.😍, this will be always the first choice for gift-giving!

Signature Pineapple Tarts 16pcsx1
Sea Salt Peanut Balls 16pcsx1
Sea Salt Cashew Nuts 200g x1
Exquisite Gift Box Packaging x1
Exquisite Red Packet (Ang Bao) 4pcs x1
Chocolate Sandwich Cookies OR Choco Ball (option) x1


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New Limited Edition Exclusive Gift Set

Include: Exclusive beautiful gift box with sincere blesing, four boxes of perfectly packaged New Year Series Products(including: Fatmama signature Yellow Pineapple Tarts, Sea Salt Peanut Balls, Sea Salt Roasted Cashew Bean, Chocolate Sandwich Cookies or Reunion Cocoa Balls), beautiful Red Packet and New Year Greeting Card.

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